Increase donations with a custom kiosk.

Kind Kiosk helps you capture more in-person donations. From events like galas or conferences, to dedicated installations at state parks and museums, we'll help you maximize your impact.

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Teaming up with Kind Kiosk for our fundraising efforts has been amazing. The challenge of raising money for our Pass the Feather Powwow felt like an uphill battle, but their support and willingness to go the extra mile for us has been a breath of fresh air. Thank you!

Tom Libby
Chief, Greater Lowell Indian Cultural Association

A dedicated kiosk or single day use. Or both.

Kind Kiosk is built as a flexible solution that you can customize to your organization's needs. We offer dedicated and per-event models. Either way, you get the same great service.

Kiosks for events

Looking to quickly add multiple donation kiosks at a gala, conference, 5k, or other fundraising event? Use one of our pre-configured event packages. We can also help you design something custom.

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Dedicated Kiosks

Want a kiosk in a more permanent location like a company lobby, state park, or on campus? Our annual packages are designed for frequent and flexible use with custom workflows and the ability to take them anywhere.

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Need a combination of both, or something more custom?
Let us know.

View Kind Kiosk in Action

We put together an overview video that covers all of the basics.

Flexible donation configurations let you change how the kiosk operates.

The donation workflow is available on all of our plans. It provides a highly customizable, yet streamlined experience.

Anonymous Donations. Or not.

Donations can be anonymous or you can choose what to collect from donors - name, email, phone, or physical address.

Don’t want anonymous donations? They can be disabled.

Anonymous donation screen

Customize branding and donate buttons

Change the logo, copy, donation amounts, or the number of donation buttons.

Enable or disable anonymous donations and custom donations.

Customize donation screen

See real-time donations and measure kiosk performance.

The organization admin dashboard allows you to see every donation from a single screen, regardless of the number of kiosks you have.

Understand how a specific placement or preset donation amounts can impact your giving.

Organization Admin Dashboard

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